Monday, January 24, 2011

Shutter Speed

The shutter on the prison guard's camera is failing. This is why I am surrounded by darkness in this picture. You may find my next observation too obvious, but I cannot stop myself from relating it to you. Say it with me if you already know the words.

This failing shutter is an elegant and exact metaphor for our own growing darknesses. Corruption. Global warming. Terrorism. Corporate power. Genocide. Famine. The tiny, everyday selfishnesses that are at the root of all of these apocalypses. This picture represents how we are all being swallowed. Consumed by the negative effects of our consumption.

Or to be less political, each day our bodies more infinitesimally fail us. Every breath is a breath closer to the last breath. To some, this might sound like a way to peace. A way out of the difficulties of our lives. To others, the very idea of death is horrific. Something to not even whisper about. 

It doesn't matter what we think of death. We will die, regardless. We will fail, just as the shutter on this camera has, but before we do, what moments of light will we be capable of? What good might we affect?

And what darknesses?

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