Thursday, January 13, 2011

Luco & the Tubby-Kat Cat Door

The prison guard and her husband got us this cat door so that we can get into the laundry room to eat and relieve ourselves. I happened to see the box when she was recycling it. It is called the "Tubby-Kat" cat door.

This means that not only must we go into an entirely separate room to eat and use the litter box (which is an insult in itself - why are we sequestered? Are we cats so disgusting that we must be hidden away so that no human will have to suffer observing us consume and expel?), but also that she thinks I am fat. She thinks that I am fat! I do not usually entertain vanities, but in this one area I am perhaps at fault. Adjectives that adequately describe my physique: statuesque, intimidating, stately, commanding, dignified, and perhaps even curvy, but tubby? This is an insult to the core of my being. I refuse to use the Tubby-Kat cat door. Je refuse!

Je refuse, that is, right after I get something to eat and use the litter box. To be maybe a bit too honest, I have been holding it this entire blog.

I am forever inept at sticking to my convictions.


  1. oh luco, i think we know who the tubby kat is in that house. (& a lil lumpy too!)

  2. I totally get this! I'm muscular, not fat. I'm rounded with muscle. It's not to be mistaken as fat. Ever!