Thursday, January 27, 2011

Luco & the Dog

Life is difficult - my life, which I must admit is one of comfort, has been fraught with doubt, depression, devastation. I have awoken countless mornings only to yearn for the release, again, of sleep. Anything to escape the crushing reality of this life, this mortality, this limited subjectivity. What I did not realize, however, is that it could get worse.

Behold: the dog (also, allow me to take a moment here while you look at the dog to thank Alexandria Grey for this camera. My blog would not be possible without it. I hope the picture of the dog did not cause you nausea. That is the unfortunate effect it has had on me).

Why is there a creature like this living on earth except to cause torment and unrest? He cannot exist but to cause pain, anguish, and his existence is a flaming reminder of all that is unjust in this world. He flaunts his freedom (the prison guard takes him Outside!). He is unashamed of his own stench. He has his own food bowl, dog toys, dog treats. He sleeps in the prison guard's bed, rolling around in the morning to lick her face and beg her to pet him. He makes me ill. 

Just look at his face. That tooth! That moronic gaze! What could he possibly be contemplating? I find no sign of intelligence in his eyes, yet the prison guard brought him home (from Animal Aid:, a safe harbor for countless idiotic dogs like this one).... Why? I do not understand. I fear I am incapable of understanding her motivation. Life is already difficult, why make it more so with an ugly, stupid, and demanding dog? Why am I not enough for her?

For what transgression is she punishing me? If only she could know how sorry I am for whatever it was that I did to bring the dog into this house.

The dog is further proof that to live is to suffer unendingly.

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