Monday, August 8, 2011

Stupid Cat?

This will be brief. I know I already told you about my life today, and you probably do not want to hear from me again, but I just came across this YouTube video: The song is titled "I'm a Stupid Cat!" The human who is responsible for this content can be found here:

Some of the lyrics: "Because I'm a stupid f*&%ing cat and I don't know what it is to be sad" and "I have no idea how much the world sucks because I have no reference level" and "I have no idea how pointless I am/  and I don't even know I'm gonna die."

This is a large part of the reason humans look at me with derision. This kind of attitude allows the dog even to view me with derision. It forces me to view myself with derision....

Hear me, mikepolkjr, I am a cat and I am sad; I am more aware than I would like to be that I will die one day. I weep for all creatures' mortality. I yearn, as I am sure you do, for a freedom which would likely be false and unsatisfying. In short, mikepolkjr, you have insulted me and all other cats through the creation of this abomination you call a "song." 

I hope I have proven to you that not all cats are "stupid cats," and perhaps even that your own little cat friend has yearnings as I do. Perhaps s/he stares out the window, not with ignorance and idiocy, but with wistfulness. Please no longer doubt a cat's intelligence. I hope I have shown you why.

Although I have probably failed yet again.

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  1. I don't think that the cats are stupid. they are quite interesting animals that they think that they are the boss.