Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't Listen to Slippy, aka Slope, "Yope" Isn't a Word

You are worried about the issues well Slippy that's me that's Slope I have the tissues for your issues if you want to let me hug you and lick your face I will love you and take care of you with my chicken noodle soup and things of that nature that are warm and soothing and make you feel so much.

Some people say that I'm not the one here for you that I shouldn't and therefore you shouldn't be voting on me they have a campaign I hate it it's called stupid NOPE ON SLOPE.

This is the stupid campaign picture if you look at it it probably hurts your head and makes your eyes tear with the sorrow of the unfairnesses in the world that crush our wholeheartedly loving souls that reach and reach for some kind of meaning and connection the kind I know is there shimmering there inside you like a pot of boiling water cooking delicious noodles for soon to be eating by me!

How could anyone not be voting for me I don't see it I just don't get it.

I dream of a world of bacon and of happiness where we embrace and when we do embrace it's each others essential natures we touch and hold and brush with our lips it's you I want to know and it's you.

I will work as hard as a Sloper to do my best to make this a better world by giving you the things you want like an ATM of candy and slippers made out of cheese for me to be eating.

If you vote for me I'll come over to your house and mow your lawn with my mouth by eating all of your meats and especially the pizza.

A vote for Slope is a vote for loving kindness and patience and all kinds of salted meats and also potato chips and vacations for everyone and health insurance and really long walks on the beach or otherwise and my heart and my heart and my heart and my heart.

Voting for me will also grow your world to a place with no boundaries like a limitless sea on the moon spiraling anti-gravity and free dinners on Tuesday nights for kids.

Vote YOPE on Slope which yope is a word it means yes and yes and yes and yes and vote yes to me and love me let me love you my heart is big and growing bigger I need you to let me know you so that I can have all that you are inside me.

If you can't read my poster it says I will eat bacon which is a true fact it has a picture of the POPE because POPE rhymes with SLOPE not for some religious reasons I don't even know what he's been believing and it says on my poster FREE tickets to Yourope which is I assure you a place you can go that you'll want to go to have fun there and Aaron helped me make my poster because he loves me and if he loves me just think you know you'll love me too I'm a little black dog and I'm tall too and skinny and I lick your face and I'll snuggle between your legs in the night and I'll give you everything that I have to share except maybe I'll keep some of the food if I get not that much of it but otherwise I'll be generous I promise.

Vote YOPE on SLOPE if you love.

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