Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Dog in a Dress

Good afternoon to you or good morning or good night! It's a new years so Luco said we should all make a solemn vow (which I think is like a salmon which is a kind of fish that tastes only okay but not as good as like a tuna or even a pizza) so I wanted to wear this dress that one of M.R.'s students made for me because but she thought I was a girl and I'm not but look at it!

It's pretty as an other dog could be because when I look at it I look great. My new years salmon (but really if you're getting me food to eat make sure it isn't salmon make sure it's maybe what I said before a pizza would be delicious) is going to be to do the things (for example wearing this dress I'm wearing now which spills down my legs and looks like a blanket because I love it) maybe I'm nervous about and then I can find out if they are good or if they aren't good (like salmon!).

Luco is saying to me something about gender identity but I don't know what a gender identity is unless it's like an ID heart which is a thing I have on me on my collar which tells me who I am (Mr. Pawsely, esquire).

Oh. He says it's how you are if you are a girl or a boy or a one in-between which maybe is what I am now because since I tried on this I feel in the middle like partly a boy and partly a girl and partly a neither or a both and so but also happy and pretty which is a nice feeling a feeling similar (a word that means something is like another thing which is one I learned by reading a dictionary which is a book that has all the words and is beautiful) to walking outside and finding a chicken bone or a pizza crust or a cookie or another dog's butt or a person who is smiling which is also a great thing to find.

And if someone says to me they don't like me because they don't like me being halfway one way and halfway another way or they think my dress is dumb or ugly then I won't even look at them! I'll shoot them with my eyeballs into outerspace which is very very very very far away and they'll just spin there in something called a void which is one I still need to figure out but I think it means a place where there is nothing else but the thing that is there which if you think about it doesn't make sense at all to me so I'm confused.

But I'm not confused about how I look with my beauty and my good looks and my handsome dog smile of a dog because I am a dog!

Now let me lick your face okay?!

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