Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Plumbing, prison, and persimmons (not really)

You may have noticed I did not blog last week. The prison is undergoing major plumbing work, and I am trapped in one bedroom. I do not have access to the computer. I do not have access to the camera. 

And so I write you now, briefly, sadly, to say I do not know when I will be better able to update you on my intense and unending despair. Nevertheless, please know that each and every moment I exist is a moment spent in a great amount of anguish. Please leave comments here imploring the prison guard to change her frozen heart. 

Perhaps later this week I will be able to tell you more. Perhaps not. Life is a mystery, is it not? And a painful one at that. 

I shudder here, trapped with Mingus and Fremlin, and no amount of crying at the door will move the prison guard's hard heart to let me out. Let me out!


  1. Free Luco! FREE LUCO!

  2. The dog is most certainly behind this. None of these "plumbing problems" existed prior to his arrival. And where is the dog while Luco's days of imprisonment pile up like the many dog toys that now litter the floor? I imagine he's living it up at some beachfront resort, eating tuna tartare and getting the bed all to himself.

    Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, and Luco's knocking on freedom's door with empty paws. Will freedom answer? WILL IT?

  3. The dog is eating out of palm tree bowls if that tells you anything.