Friday, June 3, 2011

Luco Relives Humiliation

Do you notice anything strange about this picture? It might take you a moment to see, but it was taken in 2008 - the year the prison guard shaved me. 

Ah, do you see it now? My nudity? The thin shimmer of fur? I have never felt so exposed, so vulnerable as I did then. I almost wish these pictures did not exist. I should have deleted them then, or perhaps run from the camera, or maybe I should have lived underneath the bed, away from scrutiny. Away from the judgement of others.

But the humiliation did not stop there. Here I am, home from the groomer, a sunflower scarf tied like a noose tightly around my neck.

I publish these daguerreotypes here to document the opprobrium that has been my life with the prison guard thus far. How she has made me to feel trapped, inferior, abased.... 

Soon, however, this will all change. As you may know, even though the Heat lost in a stinging defeat to the Mavericks last night, they won the game on Tuesday. As such, the dog has an obligation to me. He has made an oath! And I am to be freed Outside.

This, reader, I will commit to writing for you so that you may know me when I am truly happy (before I would have never thought such a state a possibility for me). I look forward my communiqué then, from the other side of despair, and the pictures that will tell my joyous story.

Please grant me one favor until that day?


Forget that you saw these pictures

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