Monday, May 9, 2011

Luco Graciously Allows the Dog to Make His Case

This weekend I made an ill advised bet with the dog. He is a Celtics fan, and I a Heat fan, so we agreed to make watching the game together tolerable by "putting our money where the mouths is" to use the grammatically tragic cliché of the dog. 

Alas, as you may know, the Heat lost in a stinging defeat due in part to the efforts of the maimed Rondo (honestly, both the dog and I thought he would not come back out to play - he is, to quote the dog, hardcore). And so now I will allow the dog his reward - behold, the dog blogs.

Hello to you. I'm the dog and my favorite color is black this is a serious blog entry for me! I live in a house the cat calls it a prison I have three cats they are mine to own! Sometimes I eat scrambled eggs.

Maybe I'm sad now like Luco because I want some scrambled eggs with lots of cheese but I don't have it because I can't even cook what am I to do! Sometimes when people come over they give me food but it's a secret because I'm not supposed to eat that stuff. But I like it! And sometimes I remember the taste of eggs and cheese and the way they are soft in my mouth. 

In general I eat things both soft and not soft as long as I can eat them then I like them! Also I have a lot of work to do because I'm a hard-working dog and I even know about hyphens! Work that I have to do includes: eating eggs please as soon as possible, wrangling the cats because it's for their own good, napping, eating other stuff hopefully with cheese in it, walking and going outside, cleaning up the people because my god are they dirty, sleeping which is different from napping because it's longer and it's in my bed where the people lie down, and that's about it but you can see it's really a lot of stuff! So I'm always super busy but that keeps me happy!

So happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy! Thanks for letting me blog, Lu-dawg! Come on, Celtics! You got this, Rondo! I'm a dog! Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy!


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